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MAN | Wellness Bundle

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Formulated for MAN. 

Boost Energy, Strength, Endurance & Restoration.

  • Organic Beef Liver capsules
  • Grass Fed Bovine Collagen powder

This dynamic duo brings you a two-step powerhouse routine to fuel your body with natural energy, support your gut health and improve your physical endurance.

Perfect for men who are always on the move.

100% Australian, sustainably sourced.

Promoting essential nutrients for optimal full-body and mind wellbeing.



With over 15 years of research and testing, we are confident in our products.

This is why, if you don't see any improvement or results after 3 months of regular usage as per our recommended dosage, we offer a refund.

Have any questions? Get in touch with our team.
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Sustainability & Sourcing


All of our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, so that you can make movements with your products.
We ship using recycled and biodegradable packaging.
We give back to the SeaBin project, cleaning our oceans from plastic waste.
We work alongside Australian farmers and manufacturers who all comply with Sustainable farming and Sustainable fishing habitats including the ingredients.

Our Ethos

We are proud to be 100% Australian-made and owned.
All of our products are free from GMOs, soy, gluten, lactose, fillers, additives and sweeteners.

Usage & Storage

Beef Liver:

We have made our capsules smaller and more compact for ease of taking.
Take as a daily supplement with or without food, or open the capsule to add powder to smoothies and foods to give a nutritional edge.

Take 2-6 capsules daily.


For daily maintenance: 

Experience the benefits of our Grass Fed collagen, supporting bone integrity and muscle restoration, skin enhancement and hydration whilst providing you with a rich source of protein. Add 1-2 teaspoons (10g) to water or your liquid of choice once a day. 

For boosted use:

For boosted benefits we suggest stacking your collagen. This will provide more rapid results. Simply increase your intake 2-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks. 


Ensure your Être Health products are kept in a cool dry place under 25°C and be sure to reseal your products. 

Boost Energy
Skin, Hair, Nails
Hormone Balancing

Clean, Pure Wholefoods.

Our premium products are created with the highest quality ingredients in Australia.

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  • Can I take both of these supplements at the same time?

    Absolutely! These supplements are a dynamic duo, the Collagen compliments the Beef Liver as the Magnesium, Vitamin A, Copper and Zinc all work together to help your body absorb the Collagen quicker.

  • Where are your products sourced?

    We are 100% Australian!Our Beef Liver is sourced from Organic Grass-Fed Cattle pasture raised in Australia and our Marine Collagen is Wild-Caught from theAustralian Pacific.As always, our ingredients are sourced from the highest premium quality to ensure excellent results, and are batch tested and clincally proven.