Erewhon Inspired Smoothie

Erewhon smoothie with Collagen by Etre health



We add our Être Health spin to Paul Saladino & Erewhon smoothie recipe. We've added some key ingredients to make this smoothie full of nourishing, easy to absorb and energy fuelling ingredients. 




1 x banana

1 x cup of blueberries

1 x Tbsp Etre Grass Fed Collagen peptides

2-6 Opened capsules Etre Organic Beef Liver 

½ cup Kefir

½ tsp Honey

¼ tsp Celtic sea salt

300ml x Milk of choice (we use organic raw whole milk)

5 drops of Trace Minerals (optional) 

Sprinkle of cinnamon




Blend all ingredients together! If you wanted to make a smoothie bowl, add a few more bananas and reduce to only a splash of milk for a thicker creamier consistency. Then add your favourite toppings!



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