Classic Banana Smoothie

Classic Banana Smoothie



Who doesn't love a good old fashion banana smoothie. The humble banana boasts properties like fibre and several vitamins and minerals, especially rich in potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. 


Pair it with a sprinkle of Etre Organic Beef Liver and you have a nutrient dense morning smoothie. Rich in B Vitamins, playing important roles like supporting fat burning – another method of fuelling our cells with the added benefit of improved body composition.

Beef Liver is rich in retinol – the active form of vitamin A. Vitamin A has long been known to support skin health but is also vital for reproduction, vision and supporting the immune system.

Beef Liver is known to be the most nutrient dense food on the planet and collagen will give you that added glow and hydration you've been longing for! So this smoothie might be one of the best and easiest recipes to include in your routine.



2 frozen bananas

1 tsp of maple syrup

4 Beef liver capsules

1 tbsp Être Collagen

500ml of your choice of milk (We've used Raw Organic whole milk) 



  1. Add bananas, maple syrup & milk to your blender.
  2. Open up your beef liver capsules and sprinkle the powder into your blender. 
  3. Blender until a smoothie consistency forms.
  4. Enjoy in the sunshine.


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