Our mission in founding Être was to share the life changing benefits we experience personally, alongside our communities.

Our hope is that by bringing to a market of every-day health which rewards our bodies and minds from digesting Beef Liver and Collagen. We hope to help support the health, wellbeing and longevity of lives of many others. 

We have a vision to share these ancestral remedies of 100% pure wholefood derived supplements in a way which is attainable and achievable for everyone. For those who live in a post-modern age of viral trends to step away from modern medicine and fad’s and allow nature to do what nature does best, to heal.

By launching Être we hope to not only help those who consume our products, but also to help the communities we live with and which are close to our heart of believes and equality.

We have partnered with The Fred Hollows Foundation who provide investment and access to culturally appropriate eye care services to remote and underserved Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. With a 30 year tradition, the Foundation supports training, education, screening and treatment to improve Indigenous Australian eye health.

We donate $1 of every sale to improve the eyesight of the traditional land owners of the Warumungu people, and the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders who live within the Northern Territory who are three times more likely to go blind than across the country.

In addition we are also partnering with Hagar.

Close to our hearts, we chose to support Hagar by donating $1 from every sale. Hagar works across Asia, supporting women and children to rebuild their lives after experiencing slavery, human trafficking or severe abuse.

Since launching in Cambodia in 1994, Hagar has helped over 19,000 people recover and forge new lives after deeply traumatic experiences. We ensure each survivor has access to specialised trauma counselling, a safe place to live, legal advice and medical care.

We also help them catch up on school, undertake training, university studies and find work.

The three charities we have chosen to support to begin with during the early stages of our launch are through i=change. We chose to partner with i=change as 100% of donations are sent to carefully selected NGO’s, monitored by the local communities and committed to ensure best-practice development.

Read more about i=change here.