How To Get Enough Collagen

How To Get Enough Collagen

Reducing inflammation throughout the entire body is imperative when looking at gut integrity. 


Collagen has strong anti-inflammatory benefits, stemming from its role in supporting and healing gut health.


Collagen, is the primary structural protein in the human body and it plays a huge role in the formation of connective tissue and acts as a protective seal for the gastrointestinal tract. It forms a gel-like and smooth structure that supports and connects our bones.


When there is gut irritation, normal digestive functions are compromised, leading to issues known as "leaky gut." This allows particles to pass into the bloodstream. Collagen has proven to be a great support for the gut's lining, boasting essential amino acids crucial for gut restoration. Glycine, one of collagen's components, demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties and aids the immune system.


Collagen also contains glutamine, another amino acid that plays a key role in managing inflammation and inhibiting oxidative stress in the intestines.


While collagen's impact on inflammation is incredible, it's significance extends far beyond. As one of the body's most abundant proteins, collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity, connective tissue flexibility, and even bone strength.


How to up your collagen in take & support your gut health.


1. Supplementation


The easiest way to ensure you are getting efficient collagen in your diet is by supplementation. Look for grass fed Australian collagen with a low molecular weight. Collagen supplementation allows you to add to collagen to any meals or drinks. 

The supplement's ability to bring balance in the digestive tract makes it irreplaceable in the fight to heal inflammation.


2. Incorporate Bone Broth


Bone broth is an incredible gut soother, it contains amazing nutrients that your body easily absorb like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and more. By adding bone broth you can enrich your

Being a rich source of gelatin, offers protection by sealing the lining of the GI tract. As a result, it enhances nutrient absorption while preventing particles from leaking into places they shouldn't be. This aids in maintaining the integrity and health of the gut lining 


3. Oily Fish


Similar to collagen found in other animal sources, fish collagen is abundant in the bones, skin, and scales of the fish. If you prefer obtaining collagen from whole food sources,  selecting a fish variety where you can eat most, if not all, parts of the fish, such as sardines.

Nurture your gut lining with our collagen peptides. A healthier gut lining can effectively support a diverse, balanced, and flourishing microbiome, which forms the foundation of health. 


4. Pair your Collagen with a rich Vitamin C source


Vitamin C helps to produce collagen, acting as a synthesiser and also acts as a type of 'glue' that binds the collagen fibres together. Almost like a collagen builder. 


5. Treat your self to a facial massage and red light therapy.


From a holistic point of view, a facial massage can help to stimulate collagen production and increase the blood flow, alongside a nutrient rich diet and supplementation of collagen, red light therapy is also a great way to increase and support collagen production. 


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