Vitamin B12 For Brain Health

Vitamin B12 For Brain Health

The B Vitamin profile, especially Vitamin B-12 plays an important role in producing the chemicals in our brains which decipher and changer our brain functions such as our moods.


Science shows that low levels of B-12 and other B vitamins such as vitamin B-6 and folate may be linked to mental health issues such as depression.

Vitamin B12 role in our bodies include, processes normal brain functions and supporting the nervous system, providing cognitive function (which is our ability to think), create and regulate our DNA and may even prevent congenital abnormalities. 


B-12 Deficiency

Research has shown that having low or deficient B12 levels can lead to a number health problems, some of which can be serious. It can result in irreversible damage, especially to the nervous system and brain, causing mental health issues such as dementia. This, however, is uncommon.

More common symptoms B-12 deficiency may include:

  • depression
  • confusion
  • memory problems
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • mood changes
  • difficulty concentrating


B-12 and the mind


Vitamin B-12 and other B vitamins play a role in producing brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions.

Vitamin B should be a part of your diet. It helps your body function better, such as your metabolism (how your body converts food to energy). It also plays a vital role in your body’s cellular processes.

Each type of vitamin B has a different but critical role in keeping you healthy. For example, B12, B6 and B9 are important vitamins for healthy brain and nerve function. Vitamin B2 is important for skin health and good vision.



The natural way forward 


B-12 is not naturally occurring in the body, and naturally, can only be found in animal products.

Our Organic Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef Liver is a naturally high source of B-12.


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