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We chatted with the wonderful and enlightening Jessy Scott Hayes to discuss all things health, Collagen, habits and how she implemented supplementation into her wellness journey of overcoming Endometriosis & Adenomyosis.
Inspiring and relatable, read our Q&A with Jess below! 


Jess Hayes interview 




  • What is the best advice you’ve ever been given ?

    Accept & love yourself for where you are at right now. 


  • What does your morning routine look like?
  • My morning routine is forever changing, I bounce between loving consistency & change. I am so lucky to wake up to a giant golden fluff ball. We usually have a cuddle before heading to the kitchen & whipping up a tea or matcha. As soon as I wake up, I like to get out of the house, I'm not a morning sit-around kind of girl. After that, we go outside for a walk, or Charles' favorite, to the beach. I am learning more and more about the importance of stillness and breathwork. Recently, I have been practicing this at Trybe Wellness studios. Taking a cold plunge or sitting in the sauna is also a great way to wake up for me. My favorite sauna sessions are at 7am. After that, it's off to work.


  • What does self love mean to you?

    Prioritising health - both physical & mental. You cannot have one without the other. 


  • What is your go - to exercise or fitness activity?
  • I love a beach stroll, with Sir Charles. I have recently gotten into running. I am going to run a half marathon this year. Disclaimer - I am not 100% sure of my running career as it is high impact but it's something I want to work towards. When I was healing from surgeries last year I did lots of flow movements, stretching & pilates. 


  • What is your favourite thing to do - when you have time ?

    I really enjoy knitting. And reading! Or researching something health related, when I learn something new I really have to know everything about it. 


  • Winter or Summer holiday & why ?
  • Summer always! I love minimal clothing, beach wear, coastal inspired fashion. A bit sunkissed after a fun day at the beach, those balmy summer nights. The extended daylight. It is bliss.


  • How did your health and nutrition journey start? 

    I was still in high school when I became really fascinated with food & the connection of how it makes you feel. I was always whipping up witchy concoctions in the kitchen & forcing them upon my family & friends, this is still a current common occurrence. 

    I would say my real journey started when I noticed something wasn't right in my body. As a woman or someone who identifies as one, there is a common theme between menstrual issues and being dismissed by the medical industry. I always had a really awful period, There would be two weeks out of the four where I didn't feel right. A lot of that time was spent bed bound. 

    After years of seeing over a hundred health professionals & three surgeries later, I found out I have Endometriosis & Adenomyosis. This is when my health journey really started. I have since found out I have a blood condition called Von Willebrand Disease. This is where you don't have enough of the proteins that clot your blood. This explains so much of my heavy menstrual cycles & the extra time it took me to heal. 

    I would encourage anyone facing health issues to advocate for yourself, you know your body & you don't have to live a life bound by limits. This goes for both physical & mental health.


  • Your favourite superfood which you couldn’t live without? 

    Bone broth. Grass-fed! I started making this at home when I was 16 - I would leave it in the slow cooker and my family would complain of the smell in the house lol. There are SO many health benefits, one being gut health. Bones are full of essential vitamins, minerals & collagen that we need. I also like how it is a byproduct of the meat industry & it feels good to not let them go to waste. 


  • What brands do you love to wear right now?

    I am a big fan of sustainable fashion - I am trying to buy long-lasting more expensive pieces less often than seasonal pieces of fast fashion. I love Djerf Avenue, Matilda can do no wrong. I also love St Agni, their pieces are timeless. 


  • What brands are you using on your skin right now?

    I love the saying, less is more. And this definitely applies to my skincare routine. I adore the Charlotte Tilbury moisturizer, I am a big fan of the Ordinary, with their niacinamide & vitamin C serum. Sunscreen is a must, I don't leave the house without putting on Ultra Violette’s spf 50+. 


  • What is Charles' favourite thing to eat and why do you let him eat it ? 

    Charles would rather have pats than food lol. He isn't too fussy, he will try anything. I make him a mix-up a few times a week, with a protein, carbohydrate, bone broth, milk Keifer & fish oil. Ensuring he gets all the vitamins & minerals = healthy shiny boy.


  • What book are you currently reading? Or the best book you’ve recently read?

    I read anything by Colleen Hoover - if you haven't read one of her books you absolutely need to! She's incredible. The classic go is ‘It ends with us’ - heart wrenching. The other one is Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza. It's pretty incredible, he goes into the science of the brain but breaks it down so you can understand it. The concept of neuroplasticity and how one can alter the brain itself based on thought and feeling is a game changer. We don't have to live our lives the way we were taught, we can choose.


  • What natural remedies have been key to your evolution into natural medicine and alternative medicine / which stood out the most during your personal healing journey ?

    Medicinal Mushrooms - there are so many incredible fungi that assist our brain & body health and connection. 

    I have been using “The Stamets Stack” - created by a mycologist Paul Stamets. This is a recipe of psilocybin, lion's mane & niacin (Vitamin B3). Research shows that microdosing psilocybin activates neurogenesis which is the growth of new brain cells. Lion's mane is an incredible mushroom that elevates the brain's ability to restructure whilst niacin dilates the blood vessels, allowing the blend to travel around your blood system. It has made a significant difference in my mental health with decreased depression and anxiety as well as increased energy, creativity, & focus. Although it's not for everyone, it's worked wonders for me, my friends & family, in particular my father.


  • What is the worst advice you’ve been given? 

    In my opinion, most of our parents (I'm generalizing here) didn't get taught how to express emotions growing up. As a child, I held back a lot of negative emotions, always trying to “stay positive” or “not let anyone down”. In the end, it was myself I was letting down.


  • What’s something you would tell your younger self?

    You are so loved, so much more than you realize. Feel everything.


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