Gut Healing Collagen

Gut Healing Collagen


Our gut health - known as the second brain of the body, is integral to our overall health and wellbeing - it determines our immune health, metabolism, brain health and skin health. 


Collagen is one of the ingredients which are proven to improve gut health, we have put together three key reasons why and how Collagen improves Gut Health and what thats means: 


1. Soothing, strengthening and repairing the gut lining


Collagen helps to rebuild and strengthen the lining of our digestive tract which plays an important role as Collagen contains the amino acids - particular glycine and glutamine - which are essentials in repairing the gut lining.

Research papers have shown that collagen peptides can actually ameliorate gut barrier dysfunction and improve its tight junctions.

We know that gut inflammation is linked to inflammation elsewhere throughout the body, and so to include an abundance of amino-acid rich foods like Collagen and Bone Broth to our diets regularly is beneficial to help reduce gut inflammation which can help prevent health conditions such as leaky gut syndrome. 


2. Supporting digestion and nutrient absorption


Health digestive issues, such as leaky gut syndrome, allow our bodies to tell us we are likely suffering from impaired nutrient absorption. When this happens, our bodies cannot be properly digested or absorbed into a healthy gut, and escape through the internal lining. Collagen helps to support the gut wall integrity, which helps to mitigate the loss of nutrients from impaired gut function through increase Collagen into our diets. 


3. Improving Collagen synthesis


While our bodies naturally produce collagen—as we reach the age of around 25, the ability to create Collagen naturally declines. This is why we encourage you to consume Collagen to increase your consumption of amino acids which are needed to build, store and synthesise Collagen in the body.

Nourishing, protein rich foods will support the body to receive these critical amino acids, and increase your Collagen is a simple way to support the body in receiving them, and amp up your amino acid intake boosting your collagen levels. 


We offer two premium Collagens; Wild Caught Marine Collagen and Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Bovine Collagen. Both of our Collagens are sustainably sourced and made in Australia.  


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