Collagen For Sports Recovery

Collagen For Sports Recovery

If you are into fitness, working out, or maybe you're a tried and true athlete, you'll likely recognise the significance of recovery, including stretching and allowing for rest days. However, if you aim to enhance your recovery after an especially challenging workout and elevate your fitness performance, focusing on your nutrition is crucial. 

Collagen and its role in the body

First and foremost, it's essential to emphasise that collagen is the second most abundant substance in our bodies, following water. Collagen stands as the predominant protein within our bodies.  It plays a crucial role in structuring our hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Collagen can be found throughout our connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Its purpose lies in providing these body components with the necessary strength, structure, and elasticity. However, as we age, our bodies become less proficient at naturally producing collagen. To seamlessly incorporate collagen peptides into your daily routine, you can easily mix them into your preferred beverages.

Should athletes consider collagen supplements? 

While collagen is often associated with a more youthful appearance, its primary role is maintaining the optimal function of our bones and connective tissue. These advantages, sometimes underestimated, are paramount given the everyday use and necessity of these body components. As athletes, we prioritise workouts for our wellbeing, but intense and continuous exertion can strain our bodies, especially muscles, joints, and ligaments. Introducing ingestible collagen, also known as hydrolysed collagen peptides, into your diet can provide crucial support for joint health.


Can collagen facilitate repair of tendons and ligaments?

In the gym, many individuals focus primarily on muscle building. However, our collagen-rich tendons, ligaments, bones, and connective tissue are the real foundation that allows our bodies to strengthen. If your goal is to lift heavier weights, you must develop stronger supporting structures. This is where Vital Performance™ becomes valuable.


Which product supports workout recovery?

For aiding in workout recovery, we recommend Bovine Collagen Peptides. These collagen peptides offer an amazing amino acid profile, designed to enhance athletic durability and keep you at your best.  

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