Vitamin A & Healing The Gut

Vitamin A & Healing The Gut


The importance of Vitamin A is very significant in our bodies. We explore this fat soluble vitamin and how it's strongly linked to restoring gut health and gut integrity. 


Vitamin A derived from retinol and vitamin A derived from beta-carotene are very different. People particularly those with low thyroid function, can really struggle to convert beta-carotene. The more beta-carotene you consume, the less it gets converted into retinol. 

A study revealed that vitamin A deficiency had the most significant impact on the bacteria in the gut. This shows a strong correlation between retinol deficient diets and gut health.

Gut issues cant be resolved by targeting the gut directly, a comprehensive approach considering nutrient deficient factors are very important to begin the gut healing process. Providing the body with the adequate nutrients, can trigger a natural restorative processes to start. 

Sources of Vitamin A is found in foods like, liver from either beef & chicken, full fat dairy products, eggs, fatty fish and liver supplementation. 


Here are some top benefits of Vitamin A.

1. It plays a crucial role in activating thyroid.

2. It's involved in converting thyroid hormone to function properly.

3. It aids in copper converting copper into a bio-available from. 

4. It regulates the iron recycling system within the body. 

5. It's crucial for healthy eyes, teeth & skin. 


As always, gut health and gut integrity is best looked at from a holistic point of view and the importance of focusing on nutrient deficiencies to support the healing of the gut is a big element in the gut health journey.


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